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Dec 22, 2016  

Massachusetts electors, from left, Jason Palitsch, Mary Gail Cokkinias and Curtis LeMay of Lowell are sworn in at the Statehouse in Boston on Monday, where Massachusetts joined the group in 2010. State Sen. Marc Pacheco, who was an elector on Monday, voted against joining the compact at that time even though his previous experience as an elector included the 2000 election, the last time a candidate won the White House while losing the popular vote. But now, Pacheco said there needs to be reform to the system. "So I'm much more inclined to go to a one person, one vote system." In the meantime, electors have to respect the constitutionally created college and all the tradition it represents, Pacheco said, which is why the event at the Statehouse on Monday had such a formal air. Around a hundred people who received special invitations from the Secretary of the Commonwealth attended the ceremony in the chamber of the state's House of Representatives. Many of them were stalwarts of Massachusetts's Democratic party -- some sported Clinton stickers -- and they mingled with friends and elected officials as a band played smooth jazz from the balcony. At 3 p.m., Secretary of the Commonwealth William Galvin called the session to order and issued a warning about the "politics of plunder" represented by President-Elect Donald Trump. The 11 electors marched in wearing tuxedos, evening gowns, and, in the case of Paul Yorkis, of Medway, a Colonial tricorn hat. After about an hour of ceremonial proclamations and 10 minutes of casting ballots, the voting was over and the crowd adjourned the Statehouse's Great Hall for refreshments. Inside, elector Curtis LeMay of Lowell said he would like to see the nation have a conversation about changing or eliminating the Electoral College, but that it would be a daunting task.

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Thom Yorke's break-up from his long-term partner Rachel Owen ( who sadly died this week ) pervades the album, adding a layer of melancholy to many of the songs - not least the closing track, True Love Waits, written at the start of their relationship in 1995 but uncompleted until this year. "Radiohead at their least bloodthirsty and most accessible." [ The Telegraph ] Listen to an exclusive interview with guitarist Jonny Greenwood [ BBC 6 Music ] 7) A Tribe Called Quest - We Got It From Here... Thank You 4 Your Service Image copyright RCA Recorded in secret before rapper Phife Dawg's death from diabetes in March, A Tribe Called Quest's first album in 18 years was an unexpected return to form. Lead single We The People addresses the rise in right-wing supremacism ("Muslims and gays?/Boy, we hate your ways," raps Q-Tip sardonically), while the Musical Youth-sampling Dis Generation is a salute to the rappers inspired by the Tribe's brand of socially-conscious hip-hop. "[Q-Tip's] rhymes are absolute stuntman level at times." [ Rolling Stone ] Watch the video for We The People [ YouTube ] 6) Kanye West - The Life Of Pablo Image copyright Good Music / Def Jam Hyperactive, ambitious and never truly finished, The Life Of Pablo gave an unprecedented glimpse into Kanye West's creative process - not the psyche of the "38-year-old eight year old". Initially available as a streaming exclusive on Tidal, it was tweaked and updated several times, and while much of it remains infuriatingly unfocused, West's lack of respect for musical boundaries makes for a compelling listen. "Odd, sure. But also oh so very Kanye." [ NME ] Listen to Kanye West interviewed by Annie Mac. [ BBC Radio 1 ] 5) Solange - A Seat At The Table Image copyright Saint Heron / Columbia A year ago, Solange Knowles published an essay detailing the prejudice and hostility she has encountered in schools, airports and concert venues, simply for being a black woman.

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The Late Zsa Zsa Gabors Best Quotes Pictorial Parade/Moviepix/Getty One of themost famous lines attributed to her came after one of her divorces when Zsa Zsa was asked whether a lady should give back the ring. Her answer? Of course dahlink, but first, you take out all the diamonds. Michael Ochs Archives/Getty She wrote in her book,How to Catch a Man, How to Keep a Man, How to Get Rid of a Man,Diamonds are a better investment for a married woman than anything else because if it should ever happen that some day you wind up getting a divorce and all the property is being divided up, your husband will probably say, if he is a gentleman, We will share all of the other property, but you go ahead and keep all your diamonds. After all, I cant wear them. (I hope you are married to that type of man, because some men I know, theyll wear them). The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty She was reported to have said , I love to put on diamonds and beautiful evening gowns and make my girlfriends upset. Getty I have learned that not diamonds but divorce lawyers are a girls best friend,she toldtheAmerican Bar Association duringa speech in 1987. What do you think of Zsa Zsas advice? Will you be following it? Sound off below. Show Full Article

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