Practical Advice On Picking Necessary Criteria In Shopping Sites

Jun 20, 2017  

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Pressure on social media led Nordstrom to nix a Hanukkah-themed sweater from its 2015 holiday lineup. The sweater, which was designed by the brand Faux Real, includes the Star of David, a menorah, and the phrase "Chai Maintenance." Chai is a Hebrew word that's pronounced "high," according to the Chicago Tribune . Critics slammed Zara in 2014 for making a children's shirt that resembled a Holocaust prisoner uniform. Within hours of releasing the shirt online, Zara apologized and argued that it was modeled after what "cowboy sheriffs" wore in the Wild West. The brand's parent company, Inditex, then shared its plans to "destroy" the garment via a statement sent to The Huffington Post . Fury erupted after a shirt that included a noose drawing sandwiched between the words "Hang Loose" was spotted in T.J. Maxx stores. Tavik, a lifestyle company that makes beachwear, designed the shirt and stated it was not "related to anything other than surfing," CNN reported . In response to the backlash, a T.J.

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